Copyright Protection Center of China(Copyright Agency Center of China)


Copyright Protection Center of China (CPCC) was established in September 1998 with the approval of Commission Office.
CPCC is the national Copyright public service institution supervised directly by State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television(National Copyright Administration of China). 
CPCC performs the duty as the national copyright registration institution; particularly it is the only institution in China for Computer Software Copyright Registration and Copyright Pledge Registration. We are also providing other copyright registers including other works’ copyright registration (except computer software), contracts record, works deposit, digital works’ copyright online registration, and ISRC code (International Standard of Record Code) application etc.
CPCC also performs the duty as the copyright appraisal institution. It contains the Copyright Protection Center Copyright Appraisal Commission, which qualified the Appraisal institution list pointed by Supreme Court and Beijing Higher Court.
CPCC created a self-owned intellectual property, called Digital Copyright Identifier system, initials as DCI, which is playing a significant role in the core infrastructure of national internet copyright public services.
CPCC performs the duty as supervising International Standard Record Coding (ISRC) Center of China..
CPCC performs the duty as Secretariat of the National Copyright Standardization Technical Committee.
CPCC performs the duty as the only shareholder of Copyright Agncy of China Co.,Ltd. and China Copyright Magazine Co.,Ltd

Central leadership
Director: DUAN Guijian
Deputy director: SUO Laijun , WEI Hong , FAN Jihong
Commission for Discipline Inspection: GAO Ye

Copyright Register (Domestic and International)

1 Computer Software:

Computer software copyright register, computer software copyright transfer contract and exclusive licensing contract record, computer software alteration registration, other computer software registration related request dealing, including registration withdraw, cancel, abandon, certificate related request dealing including certificate replacement, renewal, sealed in custody and etc..

Department: Software Registration Department

2 All Other Works:

Works’ copyright register (expect computer software) for domestic and international works (including literary, oral, music and dance, acrobats, art, architecture, photography, film and film alike works, sketch, maps and other graphic works, and model works etc.) , contract record, foreign audiovisual publication product registration, copyright registration related request dealing, including registration withdraw, cancel, abandon, certificate related request dealing including certificate replacement, renewal, sealed in custody and etc.

Department: Copyright Registration Department

3. Copyright pledge:

Software copyright and other works copyright pledge registration.

Departments: Software Registration Department, Copyright Registration Department

4. Copyright registration hall:

Provides copyright holder convenient and efficient register services by providing One-Stop copyright registration services, including registration window, consultation, inquiry, payment, acquisition of certificate.

Department: Registration Hall Management Department, Software Registration Department, Copyright Registration Department

Digital works copyright online registration (by applying DCI system)

1. Digital works copyright register: Digital works’ copyright registration, contract record and related services based on DCI system.

Department: Digital Works Copyright Registration Department

2., Third party copyright royalty clearance:
1) By operating the copyright third party royalty clearance platform( Daily Reading digital reading copyright royalty clearance platform by CACC) to collect E-books , audio books and their copyrights from all over the world, and to provide royalty clearance services.

Department: Digital Reading Division

2) by cooperating with "Huayun music" platform to provide copyright holders for one-stop music related copyright services, including music distribution services(including distributing on Internet platform, telecom operators, etc.) and royalty clearance services, and other copyright related services.
Department: Music Division

3 Online copyright surveillance and right-safeguarding :
Commissioned by the copyright owner to practice online copyright surveillance for infringement content, and to send stop notice, in doing so to assist right holder in online copyright safeguarding.
Department: Legal Department

Copyright Appraisal

Copyright Protection Center Copyright Appraisal Commission qualified the Authentication institution list pointed by Supreme Court and Beijing Higher Court, provides the expert opinion for the similarity and difference between copyright works.

Department: Copyright Protection Center Copyright Appraisal Commission


Copyright Consultant
1.Regional copyright industry research and consulting service:
by acquiring national economic census data as the basis, research economic contribution made by copyright industry to the region, to give the in-depth analysis of the development of copyright industries in each area and to provide consulting or special report for regional government, large enterprises and overseas institutions related to copyright.

2.Copyright asset management consulting services:
to provide cultural enterprises with comprehensive copyright assets management solution. The consultation includes evaluate the copyright related management scheme efficiency, copyright asset managing capacity, copyright asset processing routine, copyright asset related mechanism, standards, risk management scheme, copyright asset management professional training, copyright asset value management and copyright asset strategic planning.

3.Copyright related financial solution:
in cooperating with financial institutions, including banks and guarantee agencies, CPCC is aiming to form the platform in helping cultural innovation companies to get funding and financing support by copyright pledge. The platform is more efficient in time, more convenient in process and more affordable in cost.

4.creative work incubator:
by extensively work with local government and technical parks, well-know venture capital institutions, together we provide the publicity platform to provide the comprehensive solution for creative enterprises in making business planning and strategies.
Department: Copyright Industrial Studies Department

Online games infringing confirmation

Appointed by State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television to confirm the act of private server, and illegal add-ons for online game cheating and infringement, which is requested by the Public Security and Judicial Authority

Department: Legal Department

Authentic product confirmation

By using technical supports to assist right holder, consumer, and judicial authority to recognize and confirm infringe copies, and to trace the infringement as prove.

Department:Legal Department

Analysis of software copyright registration information
Software copyright registration information analysis: according to user needs, to carry out the specified year in a specific region (national and provincial, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and prefecture level city) analysis software copyright registration information system, or to carry out the software copyright in recent years in the field of specific registration right.
Software copyright registration data statistics: monthly, quarterly, real-time provision of software copyright registration data in the specified region of the year, statistical analysis.
Business department: software registration department

Copyright legal services
For publishing, film, media, software, technology, Internet and other types of enterprises, institutions and other copyright legal advice, legal counsel, writing, rights, dispute mediation, legal training and other services.
Business department: Legal Department

Copyright oriented integrated service for Industry
The 1 film and television copyright industry service: take the movie copyright industry alliance chairman of the unit functions, build a comprehensive service platform for the film copyright trade and human rights, human rights, copyright procurement docking broadcast, television, new media platform, industry associations, industry alliance, high-tech park, the headquarters base, incubators, copyright trading platform provide efficient financing, trading, asset management, copyright fees settlement and a full range of services copyright rights.
The 2 film and television copyright derivatives integrated services: through movie copyright industry alliance, Chinese movie derivatives industry alliance platform, to carry out copyright derivatives authorization management services, to promote international cooperation and exchanges of movie copyright derivatives business.
3 customized copyright integrated services: through the integration of industry resources, industry resources, play Chinese copyright protection center professional service advantage for enterprises customized integrated service solutions, structured work mechanism, mining the value of copyright, copyright to expand the profitability and competitiveness of enterprises.
Business department: Copyright Agency

Works Deposit
By receiving the applications for the creative works or the parts of the works, CPCC provides the deposit receipts for the applicants. The deposit receipt is the proof of the existence of the work by the time it was handed-in , and it can be used in facilitating the copyright exchange, trading, and dissemination.
Business department: Copyright Registration Department

Copyright Training and Publicity
Services including: copyright related training services, copyright information publicity, forums and other public exhibitions organizing, and copyright international cooperations services.
Business department: Copyright Agency, General Affairs Division, American Business Department

China standard recording equipment coding Center (China ISRC Center)
In 2011, the State Administration of press and Publication (the original GAPP) formally approved, Chinese copyright protection center as a "Chinese standard recording encoding (GB/T13396-2009)" executive branch, is responsible for the allocation and management of Chinese ISRC encoding, the establishment and maintenance China recordings and music video products database, is in charge of International ISRC center international organizations such as the communication and liaison work, participate in the international ISRC standards revision.
Business Division: ISRC Center of China

Secretariat of the national copyright Standardization Technical Committee
Responsible for the national copyright Standardization Technical Committee Secretariat, as the daily executive mechanism, specifically responsible for centralized management of the execution of copyright industry standards; copyright industry related standards revision work, building standard work platform for innovative enterprise culture and responsible for the organization of copyright related standard examination and approval, filing work, draft planning and organizing the implementation of standards implementation, corresponding with the international organization for Standardization Technical Committee etc..
Business department: Secretariat of the national copyright Standardization Technical Committee